About Us

Ability Facility Pvt Ltd.

Ability Facility Pvt Ltd. was established in 2013,We Offers a wide range of service solutions, from Single services to fully integrated Facility Services (IFS) that combine all of the customer’s service and support functioned into one single solution..

We offer in – depth knowledge and expertise in a full range of services, many years of expertise in a full range of services, many years of experience in developing new methods and techniques, and high level of service management and employee takeover skills.

Understanding Customer needs and aligning with client goals to successfully deliver innovative, customized solutions. We Provides direct management of our client’s facility functions including operations and maintenance, housekeeping, energy management, and other related facility services.Few companies know how much time and how many resources are used daily to accommodate office related service- and support needs. On the other hand most people agree that in the constantly changing and increasingly competitive world there is no room to waste either time or resources.

Even though only few companies consider service- and support functions as vital for their core business, the impact of a well functioning service solution is substantial on business conduct, employee wellness and even customer loyalty. Our Office Support has office related service- and support solutions as core business. We deliver everything from call centers and mailroom services to reception and planning of internal moves. The many tasks vary and can be combined in numerous ways depending on the specific needs of the individual customer.